Palinal (www.palinal.com) products range has always been distinguished by innovative technological content and high quality. 30% of the human resources staff employed by Palinal is dedicated to researching and developing newer technologies to provide that extra competitive edge that the customers demand. The science of color is an essential part in developing new and existing products and so an extremely well-equipped laboratory studies and guarantees color repeatability.

The company works in the in the market of specialist Car Refinish. The specific range offered is distinguished by completeness, highly technological and qualitative content. The philosophy pursued behind Palinal products is concretized by offering a ''made-to-measure'' offer and continual ''after-sales service'' to body shops.

The must for Palini products is polyfunctionality which is characterised by systems composed of a group of concentrated tinters which are completed with specific binders. Polyfunctional Systems possess many advantages. These technologies in fact permit finished product evolution (the color ready for application), by maintaining the colorimetric system of the tinters integral. It is therefore possible to obtain innumerable topcoats with different chemical and physical characteristics, thus resolving not only problems of the application kind, but also permit the creation of eco-compatible products.



Loggia (www.loggia.it) puts in substantial effort in research and development it's products, bringing customers a dynamic and creative range of products. Research and solution are based on use of colors as an instrument which define architectural space to give life to forms, and soul to things which otherwise would be cold and inexpressive. Thousands of formulated colors are made to define and coordinate space and environment giving out aesthetic solutions.

Their line of decorative paints are of high quality, such as vinyl and acryl hydro paints, transpiring semi-washable, washable and extra washable tempera. Quartz plastic and graffiati. Emulsions based on silicate, siloxanes and pliolite. Polyurethane and elastomeric paints. Urethane, synthetic and micaceous enamels. Effects as Marmorino and Venetian plaster for indoor and outdoor. Specialities as anti-scratch water-born and solvent.



Saima (www.saimameccanica.com) has thirty-years of experience in the specialized field of spray booths; its production capacity is large enough to be able to satisfy all international markets. The company being deep-rooted in the heart of Tuscany, Italy has made itself one of the most famous in the field of painting. Their thirty-years of commitment has made it a leader in this sector. Today Saima's factory is covered by 5000 square meters, with 15 million in turnover.

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